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Southern Europe, click to see a detailed map of Ticino

Ticino is the southernmost canton (state) of Switzerland. It’s located entirely south of the alps and it borders mostly with Italy. The city of Milan, for example, is only one hour by car from the border.

The geographical composition of the canton is very differentiated: in only 90 km and 2'800 sqkm of surface it changes from tall alpine mountains to mounts and hills surrounding beautiful lakes and wide valleys ending in the plain padana in Italy.

The climate in the south is mild and sunny, you can even find some exotical plants, in the north it is typically alpine.

Italian is the spoken language and the population is almost 300,000.

Bellinzona, the capital, Lugano and Locarno are the three biggest cities.

View of Lugano from San Salvatore

Lugano, which this web-site originates from, is not only an important tourist attraction, but also the economical capital.

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View of Lugano from monte Brč


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